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What a great week

Thanks to all the 2600 people who attended, thanks to MK Event Hire for the live stream and lighting in the maze and thanks to all the volunteers. This event could not happen without all of this support which enabled us to raise £4300 for Harry's Rainbow

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2 more nights to go

Around 1700 people through so far and over £3000 raised for Harry's Rainbow. Been great scaring people and once again thanks to all those who volunteer their time to help with such a great event. St

Opening night

What a great first night, thanks to all the volunteers who are helping again this year we couldn't do it without you. Over 900 victims went through with several people taking the whimps way out. See

Fast Pass bookings

Good morning. Thanks to all those who have booked a fast pass place. The maze set up is going well and looking scary. We have sold out several slots with the rest being booked up daily. We are su


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